Hello! I’m a postdoc at Harvard University, hosted by Prof. Heng Yang. Previously, I had a blast doing my phd at Boston University, advised by Prof. Yannis Paschalidis and Prof. Ashok Cutkosky. Long ago I did my undergrad at Tsinghua University.

I’m broadly interested in sequential data science. How do we process information revealed on a data stream, and rigorously use that to support real-time decision making? For me, this is a fascinating field at the intersection of optimization, signal processing, statistics and game theory.

Specifically, my research centers around adaptive online learning. The goal is to design online decision making algorithms that Bayes-optimally exploit offline knowledge, such as domain structures, physical models and deep learning. I envision it as a bridge between offline methods and their robust online deployment against uncertainties.

Recently I’m also excited about bringing such algorithmic advances closer to the real world, particularly in the area of robotics and automation.

Email address: zhiyuz [at] seas (dot) harvard (dot) edu

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PhD Dissertation.  Temporal Aspects of Adaptive Online Learning: Continuity and Representation